When people say that all German are Nazis.. I cannot express how mad that makes me. My Opa, a man who was born and raised in Germany, fought against Hitler and was put into a concentration camp himself, he escaped and fled to France and was captured and put back into a camp. My Opa began his own organisation, with German soldiers that were also against Hitler. The group met in secret but were one day caught and my Opa was tortured along with the rest of the soldiers. He eventually escaped and fled to Australia. Opa was tortured so badly that his leg had to be removed because it was so infected, he saved so many peoples lives. German and Jewish. The first time I read his diary I was in tears, I am so proud of my Opa and I wish I had gotten the chance to meet him. I am writing this purely so people stop and think that when people say those kind of things, it’s actually offensive and not every German was a Nazi.